Account Settings and Global Controls

Administrators control the account settings of all users and can override, configure permissions and access for the entire organization, a department and/or individual user accounts:

  • Configure system for password strength, reset failed logins, pause and terminate session duration
  • Manage permissions and privileges for user access, preview, editing, download and upload
  • Limit user access to documents and communication

Single sign-on

Trinity only allows single user sign on. If after 3 wrong login entries, system added security protocol will be activated that require additional user info before allow access . To ensure user login secuirty , Trinity has:

  • System self generated unique alpha numeric user ID and passwords
  • “3 strikes” and added security protocol activated.
  • Multifactor authentication support through the above SSL providers and other third parties like VeriSign

Reports and Audit Trails

Trinity system has internal reporting capabilities and comprehensive audit trails for nearly every action or activity that occurs within Trinity. Each system access is logged by user and by date/time of access. Administrator user can track account access, document access and more. Hence, Trinity system can:

  • Log and Track user name, IP address, date/time for all actions
  • Generate detailed reports and sort by group, date range, time or user

Industry leading Data Encryption- VeriSign

Trinity uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology. In addition, Trinity also works with VeriSign to provide us industry leading data encryption support. The financial services uses VeriSign and we use the same data technology for our users. Trinity data transfers employs

  • Encryption at transfer with 256-bit SSL and with added VeriSign data encryption technology
  • Content Delivery Networks for transfer optimization and additional encryption cycle
  • Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations and frequently rotated

Data Center Security and Availability

Trinity has multiple data centers to host its application and servers. This give users essential back up and redundant capacity. In an emergency, Trinity can switch servers to ensure connection or disaster recovery. Trinity server centers employ physical security, strict access policies and back up power for disaster recovery. In addition, all data is manually and automatically back up frequently. Trinity gives users

  • N+1 redundancy for all components of essential systems
  • Back up power and backup systems, during emergency or disasters.
  • Frequent manual and automatic back up of data.